Supporting your Asset Integrity Management Decisions

A holistic approach to integrity requires a reliable system of record and adaptable Asset Integrity Management (AIM) processes. We believe, what operators need is an accurate reflection of their individual integrity management process in a digital solution – an Asset Integrity Software Platform. NIMA is an intuitive and reliable framework comprised of a guide, a set of tools, and resources that delivers the data you need, in the way that you need it, to make better integrity management decisions. The resources include a platform, personnel, and training elements that are assembled based on what you already have and the gaps you need to fill – your needs.

The one common goal that unites the entire industry is the pursuit of Zero Incidents. Fully embracing our role in this endeavor, we dedicate all our technical and engineering expertise to empowering operators around world in their decision-making.

Asset Integrity Management is like hiking in rough terrain: the fewer the uncertainties, faster and safer the way to your goal.


NIMA offers operators a way to reduce uncertainties in their integrity management process by providing:

  • A basis for secure decision-making
  • Access to all necessary data
  • Improvement of data structures
  • An accurate reflection of individual processes
  • Integration of expert knowledge
  • Reduction of complexity
  • Compliance with standards and regulations
Integrity Management

Map Out Your Course to Integrity

Every asset is unique in its mechanical characteristics, operational conditions, physical location, and applicable legislation and/or technical standards. Although the general methods and techniques of identifying and managing the various integrity threats have been normalized over the last decades, the interpretation of standards and regulations as well as their application still differs greatly between operators. A uniform approach to asset integrity management is therefore downright impossible.

What operators need is an accurate reflection of their individual integrity management processes in a digital solution.

Data Management

Overcoming the Data Impasse

A basic prerequisite for the quick and reliable assessment of an asset’s integrity is the availability of consistent and fully aligned datasets. Additionally, more and more regulations now require that all pipeline records be traceable, verifiable and complete.

However, with the amounts of collected data steadily growing, the establishment of a system of record where all available data is readily accessible is becoming an increasingly critical issue for pipeline operators.

Not all hikers need the same level of assistance. It varies greatly, depending on their level of experience and fitness.

In the same way, asset operators need flexible integrity management support, depending on their in-house capacities.

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