A Framework for Decision Support

Different asset operators value different levels of support for a product. NIMA offers the flexibility to choose exactly the support you need. In that way, we ensure you are always in the position to make the best possible integrity management decisions.

NIMA Framework

The Platform

A holistic approach to integrity requires a reliable system of record and adaptable AIM processes. NIMA offers an intuitive and reliable way to keep pipeline records traceable, verifiable and complete. Furthermore, it is a platform that allows for the autonomous definition and modification of integrity management processes and integrated algorithms as needed. Not restricted to a set of predefined functionalities, it offers you unlimited options in terms of adaptation to individual requirements as new process templates can be created and existing ones altered at any point in time.

NIMA Platform
NIMA Platform description
NIMA IM builds on the concept of growing an independent library from which operators can pick templates for any integrity-relevant process.
NIMA IM allows for the integration of data from multiple sources, e.g. spreadsheets.
NIMA IM allows for the autonomous definition and modification of integrity management processes and integrated algorithms as needed. It presents the user with unlimited options in terms of adaptation to individual requirements.
NIMA DM is an add-in for Esri ArcGIS Pro which offers an intuitive and reliable way for the template-based upload, transformation and alignment of pipeline inspection and survey data.
The Feature Manipulation Engine performs all required transformation and conversion for spatial and non-spatial data.
NIMA DM fully supports current and future data models such as PODS and UPDM.
Esri ArcGIS Enterprise is a server and interface for location-enabled data and makes it possible to organize geospatial assets. Using Esri guarantees interoperability and stability to support proper data management of linear assets.
NIMA DM supports field operations by offering full integration with the entire range of Esri ArcGIS mobile apps. This enables sharing dig sheets and collecting field data in real time.

The Processes

We believe that, within our industry, there exists an infinite pool of knowledge. Furthermore, we believe in the power of user-generated content.

This is why NIMA allows users to digitize their processes and share them with colleagues and even with other operators, always allowing for individual adaptations. This way, users participate in an industry-wide knowledge exchange.

NIMA Platform
NIMA Processes description
Fast and autonomous definition and adaptability of integrity management processes to reflect your individual landscape.
Creation of templates to make integrity management processes reusable and shareable within your organization.
Access to an online library of process templates that allows sharing of process templates with the whole industry.

The People

The solution to many issues is competence and dedication. NIMA connects you with a veritable force of integrity management competence. Our extensive network of engineers with expertise in multiple integrity management disciplines is dedicated to providing you with exactly the kind and amount of support you need.

Whether it is the instant remote execution of tasks straight on your cloud platform instance, an expert advice on a specific integrity issue or the training of your personnel — with NIMA, you get what you need when you need it.

NIMA People
NIMA People description

Sharing Tasks

The cloud-based service option enables the sharing of data management and integrity management tasks with ROSEN or third parties outside your company.

Sharing Knowledge

On-site training courses and online learning programs help you deepen your expertise in asset integrity management. For more information, please visit competence.rosen-group.com.

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