Learn how NIMA can assist you in making the best integrity management decisions.

Learn how NIMA can assist you in making the best integrity management decisions.

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Monitoring Remaining Fatigue Life

Not all operators need the same solutions. In this case, a variety of NIMA Process Templates were configured and implemented to address the specific needs of a South American slurry pipeline operator needing to regularly and accurately monitor the impact of the measures they applied to reduce the severity of pressure cycling. This enabled them to predict any risks, which ultimately prevents leaks and associated environmental impacts; helped them to determine the ideal inspection intervals; and gave them full control of the reporting process, ensuring information is always up to date – integrity management decision-making made easy.

Customized Integrity and Maintenance Processes

One key to successful asset integrity management is a centralized database. In this case, an operator in the Middle East acquired an entire pipeline system. To ensure high availability, demonstrate compliance and still follow their own procedures, they – n addition to in-line inspection and integrity services – needed a comprehensive integrity software solution to support current and future integrity management needs, specifically in terms of managing defects and subsequent repair planning. Among other things, NIMA delivered a customized application unique to the operator’s needs, established ideal dig-and-repair programs, and provided an interactive analysis of all integrity assessment results and asset datasets for secure integrity management decision-making.

Increased Efficiency Through Optimized Data Management

Making the data do the work was possible for this specialist storage company with an extensive asset base of tanks, pumps and pipes in South Asia where limited time allowed the maintenance engineer to 1.) demonstrate the pipeline condition was safe, 2.) the asset was compliant with regulatory standards, and 3.) understand the changes from a previous inspection. NIMA enabled the quick and easy verification and visualization of ILI data, and the operator was able to independently complete the integrity assessment process using proven methods and view and interact with results from assessments completed by ROSEN integrity engineers. Ultimately, NIMA provided quick and sustainable decision-making based on well-structured interactive dashboards and accurate information.

Real-Time, Interactive Data Alignment

Corrosion Growth Assessments (CGA) identify corrosion activity that has occurred between repeat inspections and provides critical inputs into Fitness-For-Purpose (FFP) assessments. In this case, ROSEN delivered datasets with more than 2 million available records for analysis and review. Rather than providing this as static PDF documents, NIMA ensured all this data was interactively linked – in real time – which increased the operator’s ability to view and understand the results, ultimately allowing for future integrity decision-making that is less guesswork and more science.

Full Integrity Management and Data Management Platform as a Key Decision Support

When core data is stored in multiple data sources, there is no single ‘source of truth’. The implementation of pipeline integrity management software, as requested by a customer in Oceania, ensures effective management of all asset integrity management tasks within an organization. In this case, the implementation of NIMA supported the customer with access to different integrity management processes, integration of available pipeline and inspection data, and customization of a client-specific risk model, among other things. In this way, the NIMA Integrity Management and Data Management platform provides the ability to accurately reflect customer requirements and processes within the implemented risk model to ensure better integrity decisions, as well as quick and easy web-based access for all relevant departments to effectively collaborate and share information.

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A NIMA Use Case – Empowering Post ILI-Decisions

A streamlined data management process is crucial for secure decision-making. Therefore, the right information — such as data from previous inspections, field verification results, information about high-consequence areas and environmental factors — needs to be spot on when it is needed for integrity assessments.

Watch the recording to understand common challenges and pain points in combining ILI data with other relevant datasets, learn about applicable post-ILI assessment methods and their data requirements. You will also gain insights into current technology updates that enable seamless integration and traceability of data along the entire ILI process in a digital solution.

A NIMA Use Case – Transforming Data Into Action

This webinar shows how a combined assessment of bending strain and corrosion was performed to increase the operational safety and reliability of an offshore pipeline, and how descriptive analytics techniques were applied to categorize its criticality.

Watch the recording to learn how simple but powerful descriptive analytics techniques can be used to categorize the criticality of an entire network and understand how NIMA’s pattern recognition and spatial clustering algorithms enable streamlined in-house run comparisons, pipeline segmentation, and corrosion growth assessments.

This webinar recording is available in Spanish and Portuguese.

A NIMA Use Case – Risk-Based Inspection for Storage Tanks

NIMA Tanks RBI provides the basis for intelligent decision-making regarding inspection frequencies, the extent of inspection and the most suitable type of Non-Destructive Testing applicable to Atmospheric Storage Tanks (AST).

Watch the recording to understand the key elements of successful RBI programs, learn about the data required for a valuable RBI assessment, gain insights into current AST inspection technology updates and optimize inspection effectiveness by aligning inspection technologies to damage mechanisms.

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