Access and Analyze Your Integrity Data.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Access and Analyze Your Integrity Data.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Operators require immediate access to the right information to make critical decisions.

With NIMA, we have developed an Integrity Management Software solution that supports dynamic decision-making, providing instant access to inspection and integrity assessment results. It gives clarity in understanding risks and making complex integrity management decisions of any oil and gas asset – be it pipelines, tanks or vessels.

Visualization and Synchronization of In-line Inspection and Integrity Data
Keep records traceable, verifiable and complete. Have a clear overview and easy alignment of inspection and survey results, data quality assessments, design and construction details, and the findings of any analyses.
Performing Integrity Management Tasks
Get access to multiple asset integrity management applications – from visualization of inspection and integrity results to asset integrity assessments, risk analyses, repair planning, regulatory response and more.
Performance Dashboards
Multiple fully customizable visualizations of integrity status allow you to track your critical key performance indicators and understand areas of risk.

Using ROSEN’s high-performance IT infrastructure for the processing of large datasets, there is no need to invest in IT infrastructure and resources, and for enterprise scenarios, we offer an on-premise solution.


NIMA provides different service levels allowing you to choose the solution that meets your needs and budget. NIMA also allows simple visualization of ROSEN ILI and integrity assessment results.

NIMA Integrity Management Platform
Review ILI and assessment results
Fitness for service, pit-to-pit corrosion growth, future fitness for service.
Full NIMA Process Template Base Library
NIMA Process Template Builder
NIMA Data Management Platform ✓ (optional) ✓ (optional)
ESRI Components (ESRI ArcGIS Dashboards)
PHMSA/POF compliant
Implementation SaaS SaaS / On-Premise SaaS / On-Premise
Storage Space (SaaS; NIMA File Cloud + NIMA Database) 50GB + 50GB 50GB + 100GB 50GB + 100GB
User Accounts (SaaS)* 3 5 5
Configurator Accounts (SaaS)* 0 0 2
*The number of users in the NIMA On-Premise implementation will depend on final contract.
Online Tutorials
User Training
Customized Training
Custom Process Template Development

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