Certainty in cost effective
integrity management

Certainty in cost effective
integrity management

Single source
• Elimination of data silos
• Analysis and comparison of current and historical data
• Data alignment and integration
• Interactive data visualization

Rapid decision-making
• Leverage machine learning
• Integration of expert knowledge
• Risk calculations and management

• Ensure data is traceable, verifiable and complete
• Identify anomaly response requirements defined by regulations and standards (e.g. PHMSA, CSA)

Holistic integrity management requires a reliable system of record and adaptable processes. What operators need is an accurate reflection of their individual integrity management process in a digital solution.

NIMA is an intuitive and reliable framework that delivers the data you need, in the way you need it, to make better integrity management decisions. The resources include a platform, personnel and training elements that are individually put together based on what you already have in place and the gaps you need to fill – YOUR needs.

NIMA is a platform that allows the definition and modification of integrity management processes and integrated algorithms. It offers you robust data handling, auditable working and unlimited options for analysis.

NIMA connects you with a world-renowned team of integrity management specialists. Our extensive network of engineers with expertise in multiple integrity management disciplines is dedicated to providing you with exactly the support you need, when you need it.

NIMA allows users to digitize their processes and share them with colleagues and even with other operators, always allowing for individual adaptations. This way, users participate in an industry-wide knowledge exchange.

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